With Damecoins I was able to withdraw my money without problems

I found this page surfing the web and it has been my salvation when selling cryptocurrencies and transferring them to my credit card and the best part is that I can do everything from the same page.

I am not a person who is very expert in the subject, but this page is so simple that you can follow the instructions (which you can easily find in each section of the page) and carry out each step without problem and the best part is that I can translate the page in my language, better impossible!


And not to mention the chat they have available, it is one of the best services I have received on the web in years, and no, it is not a bot, it is a trained person and able to clarify my doubts and support me in the steps in which I do not I have felt safe.

The part that I liked the most about this website is that I can literally buy cryptocurrencies with any card, even the one that I least thought has served me and I have made life on this website for a while and I have recommended it to all my acquaintances blindly.


I was afraid to leave my data or to sell and buy, but with the time and the support of the chat that, I limit is available all the time, I have felt much more secure and confident, this is and will be my favorite page for this type of transactions since it has not disappointed me at any time and the page is super complete and simple, it is transparent with each step and I have never had any problem.

In the same category where you are going to buy they indicate very important points and that you must take into account when making each transaction, I leave them below for you to observe:

The verification requested is very simple and from there you are free to make any transaction that you like on the page, you can buy and sell at any time of the day and at any time.

I would like to share with you the steps I take to create my account and to carry out transactions, but not before reminding you that I recommend this website with total security and confidence, it has been my salvation in this market and it has been my support at those times I have doubted if this is a good market, but I have come across this page that is really wonderful and reliable.

Besides you have infinite options of currencies and in any part of the world and in the official currency from CAD to country (note, not in all cryptocurrency websites they give you so much variety) this page really is the best, thousands option in just one click

Now yes, I will leave step by step accompanied with images so that you can guide and make good use of this page and leave all your transactions in the hands of experts.

Before continuing, he mentioned that there are steps and periods that must be respected and be patient since everything depends on the banks or the amount of money, but in general, this has been the best page there is to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies in the web, I fully trust this site, without advertising or small print, everything is very clear and easy to understand and if not, they have an excellent chat service available all the time, wherever you are and speak the language you speak …

Now yes , the first thing you have to do is access the port, Damecoins.com

Then create your account, it is very simple, just your email and a password.

Once you make life on the page and you want to sell you must select in which currency you want to withdraw your money.

Damecoins accepts more than twenty different currencies, something that very few other similar websites offer.


Select BTC as a cryptocurrency. For this process, the one you select is indifferent, nor is its price important.



Then choose the amount of money you want to withdraw from your card to your bank account.


Enter your name, surname, email and country (the only data that will be requested) and basic requirements that you can place safely on the page.


Time to process the payment!


Find your Bitcoins portfolio, and click «Sell». This menu is on the left side of the screen.



10. Sell all your Bitcoins for the currency you want to withdraw to the bank. (as we have often bought and sold, a completely normal transaction)









In «Wallets», click «Withdraw»



Enter your bank information.


All your data will be processed without problems and safeguarding their security.


Voilá In 3-5 days you will receive the money in your bank account!


Easier impossible and it is so easy to do that it seems a dream, but it is reality, the control of your cryptocurrencies is in your hands and with the help of this incredible page.


In this way, we have withdrawn cash from the card to the bank account. The Damecoins service is really excellent and fast, and the Chat 24h very effective to solve any question related to the withdrawal to bank account.




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